Monster the Loch 2019!

Monster the Loch 2019 will be on 28th September 2019, bring your human-powered boat and take on the BEAST!

Monster the Loch 2018, saw 9 different boat types take on the 22.7 mile stretch of iconic water. The race started early when Nessie was fast asleep and the water was a like glass with the steep mountains on the clouds reflecting off the dark water.

Once the crews were on the start line there once one loud go and all the crews in all there different boats and speeds set off. The big rowing boats taking an immediate lead with the single entrants and the 2 man canoe bringing up the rear.

Coming up to the halfway point at Foyers the water was still flat and very inviting although the clouds opened for a brief spell creating rainbows on the course. as the crews approach Urqart Castle, Nessie woke up and little back waves started lapping at the boats and the swift tailwind soon picked up.

The lead boats were well on there way to breaking Peter Haining and Guy Parsonages' 30 year old record, holding a 2 hours and 10 minute pace.

Nessie seeing what was going to happen reared up and took both boats out with some tricky waves sending them to the bank to bail.

Mean while the coastal boats were merrily enjoying the tailwind picking up speed as they got further down the course. The kayakers and smaller sea going boats were in there own!

The Tyrian mens quad after a long bailing out finally finished the course in a time of 2:48 minutes, with the coastal doubles in hot pursuit.

As the day went on the tailwind picked up making the conditions very tricky for the launch, but not for Jimmy Riddle in the sea kayak and David Golding in the little row boat. David opting to row straight down the middle of the Loch in the roughest of conditions, but with not even a drop of water getting into his boat.

As the clock ticked on the crews came in to applause from the small crowd that had formed each crew helping and congratulating the next crew to arrive at the Dores Inn.

The final crew across the line were the 2 man canoe an epic achievement after only 1 months training in the boat!!

With only 2 crews monstered by the Loch the event was a swimming success and all crews very keen to get back on the Loch for next years event.

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