World Coastal Championships, Sidney, BC, Canada

Row Tours first travel assignment was to the World Coastal Championships in Sindey, British Colombia. With 2 British crews entered under Tyrian, we were able to host them in a lovely self catered house on the sea opposite the 6k buoy. The house was a perfect size for the 6 members all with large bedrooms and space to cook and live for the 8 days.

Touring Vancouver and Vancouver Island

It wouldn't be a Row Tours Tour without a little bit of sightseeing.

We prepared a hotel in Downtown Vancouver for the crews for the first night, being the night of Canadian thanks giving the town was a little quiet even so we found the best part of town to ensure the crews had a good evening eating and drinking local Canadian fair.

The following morning we took the crews to Stanley Park and then to the Capitano Suspension Bridge, In the park we walked up in the tree top walks and over the 70m high gorge.

Once we reached Vancouver Island we took the opportunity to show the crews around the Island including the national rowing centre, Victoria and the vast suburbs. Sidney as a location was delightful, a little sleepy with an average age of 75 and the water was excellent for fine water boats, not so much coastal boats!!

The crews performed exceptionally well with both of them coming 7th in the 4x+ and 1x.

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