Brugge Head

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Date: 1-3rd March 2019

Accommodation: Hostel or Hotel

Meals: Breakfast included, Crew meals can be arranged for the evening meals.  


Boat transportation: If needed pick up from London 1200 28th - 0900 1st March

Suggested crew transport from Uk:

Eurostar KX-Bruges: £122 rtn 

Eurotunnel and drive: £138/car + fuel

Ferry Dover-Dunkirk: £80 rtn + fuel 

Prices from: £80 for hostel and boat  transport.

Please contact for a firm quote >>>


Race info 

Date: Friday 1st March

Rowers Dinner 1900


Date: Saturday 2nd March

Boat Types: 8+

Categories and Race entry >>>

Date: Sunday 3rd March

Boat types: All boats, no 8+

Categories and Race entry >>>

Registration deadline:

Friday 15 February 2019 at 1800